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BOOK STAND is an online art book shop based in Los Angeles specializing in unique art books, independently published magazines, films and vintage publications. Inspired by the quirky personal libraries of imaginative individuals, our carefully edited catalogue includes art books about plants and the natural world, titles organized by a single color, small collections created by friends of BOOK STAND and other things that strike our fancy.

We believe the best book shops have the exceptional ability to create community, so stop by regularly for an inspiring program that includes conversations with emerging artists, artists' favorite recipes and field trips to beautiful bookstores. 


This summer, BOOK STAND, in collaboration with the photographer, Jordan Sullivan, introduces BOOK CLUB, an underground book fair in Los Angeles' urban wilderness. 

One dollar from every purchase goes towards supporting The Library Foundation of Los Angeles. Helping to promote greater awareness of the library's valuable resources, The Library Foundation of Los Angeles supports and enriches the capabilities, resources, and services of the Los Angeles Public Library.

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