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Wilder Quarterly: Fall 2012

As William Bryant said, Autumn is the year’s last, loveliest smile. Wilder’s 2012 Fall issue celebrates that beauty and bounty with a trip to Finland to forage for mushrooms and wild edibles. We travel to Mexico City’s Butterfly Biosphere––a UNESCO World Heritage Site––and peek an exclusive view Kyoto’s majestic Moss Temple. A visit to James Beard award winner Chef Sean Brock schools us on the doctrine of good dirt and the original Catwoman Julie Newmar shows us how her garden grows. Spooky tales of the forest come to life as we search for the mythic will-o-the-wisp and our vision gets crystalized in the off-limits American Museum of Natural History’s geodes vault. To top it off, we’ll learn the virtues of aquaponics, get lessons in seed saving and try the fine art of ice wine. Bounty, indeed. - Wilder Quarterly


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