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Ein Magazin über Orte 8: Paradise

Paradise has always been a mysterious place. Evoking images of the Garden of Eden, unspoiled nature, sensual pleasure, an existence free from care, it is as fascinating as it is unreachable. Ein Magazin über Orte has dedicated its eighth issue to the theme of paradise. The focus is not on the paradisical places of the earth but on human ideas about utopia.The magazine presents notes and interpretations on the relationship between human existence and eternity, on desires and freedom. It explores different approaches to paradise in the work of artists like Luc Tuymans, Raymond Pettibon, Ryan McGinley, Jeff Wall, and Lidwien van de Ven and in texts by authors such as Günter Kunert and Miranda July.

Ein Magazin über Orte (A magazine about places) deals with a different location in every issue. It collects works of various authors in the form of photographs, drawings and texts. The magazine is published twice a year.


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